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EB-4D Fracture Splint Kit Emergency Splint Set For Adult&Pediat

The fracture splint kit is an ideal fracture fixture for rescue and fixing patients. The splint kit contains four different sizes of adults and children’s splints. Multifunctional limb splints can be used for left and right.

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Fracture Splint Kit Emergency Splint Set For Adult&Pediat Description:

Fracture splint consists of a special PVC leather and foam composite that is used for friction, wear and provides high tear resistance. Because emergency Splint comes in a variety of sizes, they can be used as splints for infant fractures.

Vacuum splint Sets can be used interchangeably and are designed for use on the left or right. Adult Vacuum Splint Replacement splint is available for purchase separately. The complete kit is packaged in a practical waterproof bag for easy transfer to the injured person.

A limb splint can be effectively applied to the patient’s left or right limb. Pediatric Traction splint is easy to carry and can achieve effective stability and transportation.

Fracture Splint Kit Emergency Splint Set For Adult&Pediat Features:

1. Simple application for fracture management
2. It consists of splints for the neck, arms, shoulders and legs.
3. Splint is radio-transparent/X-ray transparent for easy inspection
4. Velcro can be applied quickly and easily.
5. A limb splint may be applied to the patient’s left or right limb
6. The bag is waterproof and can be stored
7. Solid medical foam rod provides control and stability to your arm, leg, shoulder or any fractured joint.
8. Kits include: Adult arm splint, adult leg splint, arm/shoulder fixer, Child arm splint, child leg splint, shoulder strap and carrying case

Main Parameter
Model EB-4D
Packing 75x34x20cm
N.W. 3kg
G.W. 3.5kg
Large leg: 66cm
Small leg: 50cm
Arm: 58cm
Forearm: 37cm

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