Veterinary Surgical Lights 

In this series you will find a wide range of veterinary surgical lights and setups that will provide good lighting for the operating room. No matter what kind of surgery or exam you’re having — from pet exams, to spay and neuter services, to operating on large animals with hip dysplasia — it’s important that you can visualize your job with complete accuracy and work under the most comfortable conditions.

Our range includes large ceiling mounted operating room lights as well as ceiling pendants, offering a variety of new lighting options to suit your facility needs and budget.

The ceiling surgical lamp focuses on unmatched performance technology that does not strain the eyes and facilitates concentration, suppresses all shadows, produces lower temperatures and brings more comfort to the practitioner.

The pendant allows easier access to medical gas as well as electricity (high and low current) during surgery or anesthesia.

For space-constrained operating rooms or intensive care units, the combined medical tower does not take up much space and is ideal for these Settings. With its modular design and high load capacity, the tower can carry a variety of instruments such as respirators, monitors, IV pumps and injection pumps. We chose a range of suspended ceilings with a variety of configurations to meet the different spatial constraints of the health facility and its technical needs.

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