Operating Room Equipment

Operating Table

Our electric and hydraulic, manual operating tables are designed to provide patients with a variety of surgical support. The table is designed to be ergonomic, bearing in mind demanding surgical requirements, and capable of versatility in the operating room. These tables are lightweight and easy to operate. Our highly durable range includes electric operating tables with longitudinal tops, orthopedic operating tables, ophthalmic operating tables, gynecological operating tables.

Excellent operating beds are designed for increasingly complex surgical scenarios and can withstand extreme loads in any location. The modular structure allows it to adapt to the patient’s body type to achieve the most perfect operation.

Operating Light

Lighting is one of the most important elements in the operating room and is absolutely critical to the overall effectiveness of any medical team in successfully performing a variety of procedures. We offer LED operating lights, halogen operating lights, holistic reflex operating lights, medical examination lights, and removable operating lights, providing surgeons and surgical teams with unprecedented ease of use.

Ceiling Pendant

Medical ceiling pendant is an essential basic equipment in hospitals. It mainly provides the fixing and positioning of related medical equipment, as well as the supply of medical gas and strong and weak electricity required by related medical equipment. Widely used in hospital operating room, ICU.

X Ray Film Viewer

The viewing lamp is used by medical personnel to observe X-ray film, and is suitable for clinical observation of medical image film in hospital. Generally, there are one, two, three, four can choose. The details are clear, easy to put and take, and provide reliable basis for clinical medical diagnosis.

Operating Table Accessories

In order to further meet the requirements of specialized surgery, various operating table accessories can be equipped according to different surgical needs to help locate the surgical position and fix the patient, so as to improve the efficiency of surgery.

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