Veterinary Anesthesia Ventilator

We specialize in anesthesia, which is one of the riskiest services in veterinary practice. Anaesthesia related mortality rates have been reported between 0.1% and 0.2% in healthy dogs and cats, and between 0.5% and 2% in sick animals.

Your Veterinary Ventilator is critical to your pet, enabling you to keep your patients comfortable and safe during surgery. This Animal Critical Ventilator helps ensure your furry patient gets the necessary oxygen and ventilation while under anesthesia, thereby reducing patient risk.

portable anesthesia ventilator

Veterinary anesthesia machine with Ventilator is a machine that performs part or all of the work of breathing. In veterinary medicine, traditional positive pressure ventilation is most commonly used. These machines use an increase in airway pressure to move gas to the lungs, as opposed to spontaneous breathing, in which airway pressure drops below atmospheric pressure to produce the inspiratory phase of breath.

Pet Critical Ventilator ensures that your patients are receiving the high quality service they expect, maintaining low mortality records and helping to protect the lives of tens of thousands of pets.

We specialize in providing professional quality service to all manufacturer’s Portable Critical Ventilators.

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