• power load stretcher,ambulance bed,stretcher transportation
  • power load stretcher,ambulance bed,stretcher transportation
  • power load stretcher,ambulance bed,stretcher transportation
  • power load stretcher,ambulance bed,stretcher transportation

EA-3AD Plus Power Load Stretcher Transportation Ambulance Bed

The electric stretcher is a high-tech device designed for efficient, safe and comfortable medical transport, powered by a high-capacity lithium battery that supports easy charging, ensuring stable and reliable medical services in a variety of environments. In addition, through the design of lifting, folding and changing posture, it can meet the transport needs in different scenarios, especially in the car, it can be convenient for medical personnel to operate, and maximize the risk of discomfort and secondary injury of patients.

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The power load stretchers we offer are centred on superior stability and safety, with a carefully designed X-frame structure designed to minimise the risk of the ambulance tipping over or flipping over while in motion, effectively reducing the likelihood of injury to both you and the patient. At the same time, the product offers excellent compatibility with a range of cot fastening systems to ensure safe, stable and flexible use in different application scenarios.


Power Load Stretcher Transportation Ambulance Bed Features:

Unique exterior design

All-metal frame construction provides strength, durability and performance for heavier patients.

Features a main beam design that is the same length as the stretcher bed and guard rails that fold down.

Retractable stretcher length and upper wheel frame converts the bed to a chair position for easy maneuvering in confined areas.

The bottom of the trolley and stretcher bed can be separated, suitable for different emergency scenes.

Stretcher bed with weighing display.


Increased patient safety

Designed with a double X-shaped base frame structure creates a low center of gravity and provides minimal bending, eliminating tipping during transport.

The color is fluorescent green for eye-catching warnings and reflective labels provide nighttime visibility for added safety.

The warning light provides a clear warning.


Increase patient comfort

The mattress is ergonomically designed to ensure patient comfort and is equipped with safety straps to prevent patient ejection.

Large 15cm swivel wheels give you enough power to move the patient easily and help you negotiate rough terrain. The front wheels of the stretcher have fixed and universal conversion.

Pneumatically adjustable backrest to help position the patient in the optimal position.

Anti-vibration frame ensures that the patient feels less vibration due to movement.


Electric drive and hydraulic system

Adopting high-capacity quick-disconnect lithium battery as the power source, providing convenient battery replacement and charging program, effectively avoiding delays due to insufficient power during the rescue process.

It realizes even speed lifting and lowering, and has buffer and shock absorption function, avoiding secondary injury to patients in the lifting and lowering process.

The stretcher adopts power-saving mode when descending, no need for the motor to work continuously.

When the battery power is insufficient, manual pressure relief is used to control the HLS hydraulic power system to realize stable and comfortable lifting and lowering process, and equipped with no power emergency protection mechanism.



Different application scenarios

Neonatal transport:

The bed surface can be removed and replaced with bed surfaces with different functions, such as neonatal transport placement table, to adapt to more clinical application scenarios.


Ambulance first aid:

The loading height is set at 1280mm, which can be seamlessly connected with various ambulance models.

Up and down lifting function can be realized in the ambulance.

Equipped with a special platform rail, it is easy and fast to operate, which helps the paramedics to carry out ambulance work efficiently.

In order to facilitate the operation of paramedics in the vehicle, the stretcher is also designed with an in-vehicle liftable function.

Model High position(L*W*H) Low position(L*W*H) Loading Capacity N.W. Platform N.W. Weighing Function Loading Capacity
EA-3AD Plus 2050*550*1590mm 2050*550*430mm 300kgs 85.5kg 71.5kg 150kg±5kg

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