Emergency Stretcher

We offer a wide range of first aid stretchers to choose from:

Folding Stretcher
This stretcher is ideal for use in emergency situations where a patient needs to be transferred safely and quickly. Suitable for many different patient first aid situations. A wide range of designs and materials are available for a variety of environments and applications.

Spine Board
Patient handling equipment for primary pre-hospital care. These boards are ideal for the handling of patients who require spinal immobilisation due to injury. Spine boards are designed to provide rigid support for patients with suspected spinal and extremity injuries.

Scoop Stretcher
Ideal for all types of patient rescue and transfer. Due to the stable base, unnecessary movement of the injured person can be avoided and they can be picked up where they are found at the scene of the accident.

Vacuum Stretcher
The bed conforms perfectly to the shape of the body during first aid, thus avoiding injuries caused by movement disorders, including whiplash or spinal injuries. Patients can be transported by air, land and sea on the stretcher and undergo X-ray, CT and MRI examinations.

Rolling Stretcher
Designed for a wide range of emergency rescue situations, it is a versatile addition to safety equipment. Suitable for high altitude rescue, snow rescue, mountain rescue, etc.

Basket Stretcher
Ideal for your use in almost any rescue situation. Its stretcher provides full-body protection for patients, even if they need to be transported across uneven, dangerous ground. The spacious basket stretcher can accommodate blankets and life support equipment. It is available in several versions to meet your specific needs.

Soft Stretcher
This stretcher is designed to quickly move an injured person out of a dangerous or hazardous situation. Use the handles to lift the soft stretcher to transfer the patient.

Robinson Stretcher
Designed for recovery of victims in difficult and confined situations, especially where the patient must be lifted and transported to safety. Suitable for marine, mining, construction and field work applications.

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