Operating Light

Surgical lighting is critical in the operating room, allowing staff to clearly see the surgical site and work area and to rely on the performance of the lighting equipment. Incorrect or poor lighting can have an impact on the patient due to poor performance and impaired effectiveness, which can lead to prolonged operation times due to uncertainty and even errors.

LED Operating Light

LED operating lights are not only used for medical lighting to save energy and reduce energy consumption, they help to lower and stabilize room temperature, help maintain patients’ normal body temperature, ultimately limit surgical site infection risk, aid and improve wound healing, and improve patient satisfaction and timely discharge, and enhance staff comfort.

Halogen Operating Light

Halogen bulbs are characterized by high discharge capacity, strong vitality, and high efficiency. In general, they save energy, emit less heat than incandescent bulbs, and are subject to optical control. It has a long service life, suitable for continuous lighting. Halogen operating lamp has reasonable cost, full chromaticity and illumination, and high cost performance.

Integral Reflection Operating Light

The integral reflection optical system, deep focusing, can adjust the color temperature of the light for the best effect, so that the tissue structure of the operating field is more clearly visible.

Fully meet the large comprehensive surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery occasions, is the ideal lighting equipment for the modern operating room.

Examination Light

To provide high quality lighting for each surgical department, in the diagnosis and treatment process to obtain better visualization effect.

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