ABS Cart

We offer a range of medical ABS carts, each of which can be fully customised with multiple drawer options and a tamper-proof quick access locking system.

Below are the 4 types of ABS carts available:

Crash Cart
Crash Carts are located in patient care areas in case of life-threatening situations. It contains all the equipment needed for emergency resuscitation, from latex gloves to defibrillators. Crash Carts are placed throughout a hospital or other healthcare facility for quick access in an emergency.

Nursing Cart
They allow for the safe and convenient transport of medical tools and supplies that are necessary to provide quality patient care. Drawers, shelves and sub-containers combine in a variety of ways to efficiently organise large and small supplies.

Medication Cart
Ideal for patient medication management in hospital wards. Helps nursing staff improve medication control and safety. Medication storage is perfectly suited for nurses’ medication administration needs.

Anaesthesia Cart
Anaesthetic trolleys are essential for storing anaesthetic tools and controlling anaesthetic drugs in hospitals. Flexible compartmentalisation systems, removable drawer trays, and a large selection of accessories allow for intelligent organisation of medication and all anaesthetic related supplies.

Difficult Airway Cart
Designed for emergency airway situations, this trolley provides a standardised and structured way to store critical equipment. There is ample space for laryngoscope blades, catheters, medications and other supplies needed for difficult airway management. This will help to manage unexpected difficult and failed airway emergencies more effectively, thus minimising stress for all involved.

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