What Equipment is Used For OB/GYN Exam Room?

The OB/GYN exam room provides women’s health services to patients, from low – and high-risk obstetric care to advanced gynecological and laparoscopic surgery, capable of providing superior care. We are committed to providing you with medical equipment that exceeds your expectations to help ensure that women receive the best possible care during this critical time.

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What is gynecological examination?


Gynecological examinations are performed to assess the overall health of a woman’s reproductive system. During the exam, the gynecologist will examine the external and internal reproductive organs, as well as the breasts, to determine if there are any problems or conditions.


Common tests include:


  • Contraception options.
  • Emotional well-being.
  • Fertility questions.
  • Hormone questions.
  • Menstruation concerns.
  • Relationship health.
  • Sexual wellness.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs and STIs).


What equipment is included in a OB/GYN exam room ?


Some of the main types of exam equipment include gynaecological exam beds, exam lights, doctor’s chairs and more. These and more gynecological exam equipment listings are discussed in more depth below.


Gynaecology Chair

Purchasing the right examination chair for your patients is one of the most important investments you can make and ensures that it is easy to use and convenient. A gynaecological examination chair will provide full support to medical staff during general and specialist examinations. This versatile table has many convenient features that make it perfect for your private practice or medical organisation.

So that patients can undergo examinations that require different positions.


This exam chair offers:

  • Chair with pneumatic backrest for patient comfort.
  • Two position pull-out stirrups that fold neatly out of sight when not in use.
  • Straight-through drawer system provides ample storage capacity.
ob gyn exam room,gynecology chair,medical exam light,doctor chair
A-S106B Gynecology Chair



Medical Exam Light

In order to perform an accurate examination, the lighting used must be a reliable and efficient source of light. Examination lights highlight specific parts of the patient’s body during diagnostic procedures and general examinations.


This medical exam light offers:

  • LED light that is free of heat and radiation and emits a powerful white light.
  • Features a flexible neck that allows the user to position the light in an unlimited variety of positions.
  • The removable base allows for easy movement to the area being examined.
ob gyn exam room,gynecology chair,medical exam light,doctor chair

AKL-202B-2 Exam Light


Doctor  Chair

The doctor’s chair is decidedly more comfortable also for patients who have to spend a lot of time sitting in the chair during extensive, high-quality treatments. An ergonomic chair speeds up treatment, reduces the chance of errors and improves the overall experience for both doctor and patient.


This doctor chair offers:

  • Swivel chair with wheels to provide extra mobility.
  • Adjustable features allow doctors to sit comfortably at the ideal height for their work surface.
ob gyn exam room,gynecology chair,medical exam light,doctor chair

BHC008B Medical Chair




The various components of these gynecological examination devices have been carefully designed to be convenient and practical for both doctors and patients.

For the patient, it is important to check to minimize his discomfort as much as possible. Using these devices helps make processes more efficient, smoother, and easier to execute. Therefore, please pay attention to purchasing the best and convenient equipment. It will increase the prestige of your clinic or private office and attract more clients.

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