A Guide to Labour Room Equipment

Every team of doctors and nurses working in a labour room must have immediate access to a wide range of medical equipment to deal with unforeseen situations. Access to supportive and well-equipped healthcare facilities is essential for hospital maternity units. Being equipped with these specialised tools and equipment to promote a positive birthing experience helps you welcome your newborn in a very personalised way.
We will equip your labour room to help you have your own birthing environment and make you feel more comfortable with your surroundings.

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What is in the labour room?


The main parts of the labour room are:


  • Delivery Bed
  • Baby Cot
  • Suction Unit
  • Infant Warmer
  • Instrument Tray
  • Oxygen Concentrator
  • Defibrillator
  • Crash Cart


1.Delivery bed


A delivery bed is a core piece of equipment in every maternity hospital, providing a comfortable and safe space for women to give birth.

The most important consideration when choosing a gynaecological birthing bed is the height, allowing the healthcare provider to place the bed at the optimal height for the mother to deliver comfortably and safely.
Another important factor when choosing a birthing bed is the position of the stirrups. to help keep the mother’s legs in the proper position during contractions and also to support their legs while lying on their side.

The bed provides support for the back, hips and legs and can be adjusted to a variety of positions to help keep the woman comfortable during labour. The bed also has a removable side rail to support the woman’s body during labour. After the baby is born, the rails can be removed and the mother can use the bed for postnatal recovery.

labour room,delivery bed,baby cot,suction unit,birthing bed

ALDR100B Electric Obstetric Delivery Bed



2. Baby Cot


A baby cot is an essential piece of equipment in any maternity hospital. It provides a safe and comfortable place for newborn babies to sleep and rest. In addition, it helps to keep the baby warm and protected from drafts. The cot is usually placed in a room where the mother can establish a close relationship with the newborn.

labour room,delivery bed,baby cot,suction unit,birthing bed

BBC002A Hospital Baby Cot



3. Suction Unit


Suction is used to clear the airway of the newborn during labour. Suction is used to remove fluids or other substances that may be obstructing the infant’s airway, allowing the infant to breathe normally. Suction machines are usually used when the baby has difficulty breathing or when there is a risk of aspiration of amniotic fluid or other substances during labour. Suction units are an essential piece of equipment in every maternity hospital as they can help prevent potentially life-threatening complications in newborns.

labour room,delivery bed,baby cot,suction unit,birthing bed

DYX-1A Low Pressure (amniotic fluid) Suction Unit


4. Infant Warmer


Infant warmers are used in hospitals to care for premature or sick babies. They are also used in families with newborns who are unable to maintain body temperature. The baby’s temperature, humidity and oxygen levels are monitored and regulated in the incubator. Most babies stay in an incubator for a few days, but some may stay in the hospital for weeks or months.

Infant warmers can be used for full-term and premature babies. Radiant heaters are often used in newborns with jaundice because they help prevent further heat loss and provide even warmth.

labour room,delivery bed,baby cot,suction unit,birthing bed
HBHKN-9010 Infant Radiant Warmer


5. Instrument Tray


Every medical facility has instrument trays.
These instrument trays contain all the birthing instruments the doctor needs for a safe delivery, such as towels, sutures, clamps and suture forceps.
You’ll also find scissors, gauze pads, forceps, hoovers, cord clamps, suction balls, and even catheters.
This doesn’t mean that your doctor will necessarily need to use all of these tools on you, but they are just in case.

labour room,delivery bed,baby cot,suction unit,birthing bed

BSS001 Plus/Pro  Stainless Steel Trolley


6. Oxygen Concentrator


An oxygen system provides oxygen to patients who may have difficulty breathing or have low oxygen levels. It is often used during labour and delivery to support the mother’s breathing and to ensure that the baby receives enough oxygen during labour. In some cases, supplemental oxygen may be needed after birth if the baby is premature or has breathing problems. Oxygen delivery systems are designed to deliver oxygen to patients at a controlled rate and concentration and can be used in conjunction with other medical devices to support breathing and overall health.


7. Defibrillators


A defibrillator can be used in the rare instances when a mother or baby suffers a cardiac arrest or other life-threatening cardiac event during labour. Defibrillators work by analysing the heart rhythm and administering an electric shock if necessary to correct any abnormalities. Defibrillators are essential equipment in maternity hospitals as they can help save the lives of mothers and babies in emergency situations. However, it should be noted that such incidents are rare in the maternity setting and appropriate training and protocols must be in place to ensure the safe and effective use of defibrillators.

labour room,delivery bed,baby cot,suction unit,birthing bed
S8/S8 Basic Defibrillation Monitor


8. Crash Cart


A crash cart is a mobile unit containing emergency medical equipment and supplies that is used in healthcare settings for rapid response to medical emergencies. In maternity hospitals, crash carts are usually stocked with equipment and supplies that may be needed in emergencies during labour and delivery, such as medications, airway management equipment, and defibrillators.
Crash Carts are designed to be easy to use and transport, allowing healthcare providers to respond quickly to emergencies and provide life-saving care. A well-stocked emergency ambulance in a maternity hospital can help ensure that health-care providers are prepared to respond to any emergencies that may arise during labour and delivery.

labour room,delivery bed,baby cot,suction unit,birthing bed
Grace Series Crash Cart




Our specialised obstetric instruments become your side of the healthcare, preparing you for labour and delivery and giving patients a safer, healthier life. Contact us for more information about our products and services.


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