Suction Unit

The suction machine are widely accepted and used in hospitals, healthcare facilities and homes. Silent pumps maintain low noise levels while maintaining proper pressure to absorb liquid waste.

We offer the following types of suction units to choose from:


High Negative Pressure Suction Unit

High negative pressure, high flow hand-push suction device for operating theatres and wards.

Sputum Suction Unit
Suction of thick sputum and other mucus to relieve the pain of obstruction, suitable for adults and children.

Gastric Lavage Machine
It is used for rescuing patients with food poisoning, taking poison and gastric lavage before surgery.

Gynaecological Suction Machine
For early pregnancy pregnant women to carry out abortion surgery for attraction.

Amniotic Fluid Suction Machine
It can be used as amniotic fluid suction and oral mucus suction for newborn and caesarean section babies.

Portable suction device
Used for the rescue of respiratory patients, to keep the airway open, especially suitable for ambulance.

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