Orthopedic Traction Frame

When bone diseases occur, surgical treatment can often have very good results, so orthopedic surgical instruments become a very important part, to ensure the smooth operation of the overall operation, is indeed a very good device. We have two orthopedic surgical instruments, orthopedic traction rack and orthopedic retractor.
We have orthopedic traction rack and orthopedic retractor for two types of surgical accessories. The OT Table Accessories can be paired with any orthopedic operating table.
Orthopedic traction is a common treatment in orthopedics. The cranial fixation product can improve the traction effect by auxiliary traction. The head fixation product consists of a connecting fixator, a perineum column, a spreading rod, a tractor, a foot fixing rod, a side guide rail, a supporting column, a steering joint, a frame, a traction foot plate, a traction foot plate universal clamp head.
Orthopedic traction frame may be used as a temporary measure or treatment recommendation. The main benefits of orthopedic traction frame are:
Fixation of joints or bones
Reduce or readjust dislocations and fractures
Prevent and reduce muscle spasms
Relieve stress and pain
Soothes the spine
Improve patient comfort until treatment is decided

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