Pet Stretcher

Looking for a safe way to transport anaesthetized or injured pets? Once seen as strict hospital equipment, pet stretchers for transportation have become not only a household use, but also a fashion tool that has helped thousands of disabled dogs and their owners carry out normal daily activities.

Whether or not your dog is temporarily injured, has arthritis that makes it difficult to move, etc., this transportation device will provide you with a safe, stress-free way to move your dog to any desired location. Every pet parent wants a safe and easy way to transport their dog in the event of an emergency, illness, injury or disability.

Most of these products are lightweight, easy to fold and store anywhere, and comfortable enough to safely protect dogs during transportation. Pet stretchers allow easy transportation of pets from vehicles to facilities and are ideal for safely carrying injured, anaesthetised or recovering dogs. Pet Gurney helps with handling in stairs, cars, small Spaces or curved Spaces. This pet Transport Stretcher is designed for clinics, shelters, pet transport services and personal use.

While its purpose is almost essential for injured, arthritic dogs that can’t move, such products are also useful for healthy dogs whose owners need some help moving them. For large dogs, climbing stairs, getting into cars, or in airports, buses, etc., can become very challenging. Animal Stretcher is a great tool for outdoor activities and traveling with pets. This lightweight carrying system can be folded up for easy transportation and stored in your vehicle for emergencies.

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