Manual Hospital Bed

Manual hospital beds require nursing staff to manually shake the way to realize the patient’s back up, leg up and leg down, lifting adjustment and other activities, but also more economical and practical, will not be unable to use due to power failure. We offer the following three types of manually controlled beds:

Single Crank Bed

Single function, suitable for patients with mild symptoms, backboard lifting function enough for patients to use.

Double Crank Bed

In addition to lifting back plate, can also lift leg plate, especially for some patients with leg diseases, can help patients recover.

Three Crank Bed

In addition to the lifting function of the leg plate and the back plate, the bed plate can also be lifting function. It is mainly suitable for severe patients to reduce the pressure on the family members or nursing staff taking care of severe patients.

Hydraulic Hospital Bed

A hydraulic hospital bed is a hydraulically operated hospital bed with a hydraulic power system that can operate with or without electric service. The bed features head and thigh/leg elevations performed by a hydraulic cylinder.

In addition, the use of hydraulic beds means there is little risk of motor failure and maintenance.

Finally, hydraulic beds are cheaper than electric beds to accommodate more budget-constrained users.


In addition to these hospital beds, orthopaedic beds are also available, designed to provide a range of traction and suspension solutions for orthopaedic, rheumatology, neurology, emergency and paediatrics.

Our orthopedic bed according to the traction frame can be divided into double arms and gantry type.


Adult Orthopedic bed

Children’s orthopedic bed

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