Syringe&Infusion Pump

We produce syringe pump, infusion pump, anesthesia pump, nutrition pump. These pumps inject fluids such as insulin or other hormones, drugs and nutrients into the patient’s circulatory system. In a syringe pump, on the other hand, fluid is kept in the reservoir of the syringe, and the fluid delivered to the body is controlled by a removable piston. Injection pumps are very precise in delivering small doses.

Infusion Pump

It features KVO and Bolus functions, a unique voice alarm system and accurate injection speed, making the injection process safer and more reliable. With automatic calibration ability, compatible with different brands of infusion set.

Syringe Pump

Provides precise flow, compatible with 10 ml, 20 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 60 ml disposable syringes at different flow rates (e.g., ml/min, ml/hour).

Anesthesia Pump

Promote the further development of injection pump. Practical simultaneous intravenous application of different drugs necessary for balanced anesthesia. Injection pumps fundamentally ensure accurate delivery of drugs.

Feeding Pump

A feed pump system specially designed for enteral nutrition. It is suitable for the long-term delivery of enteral nutrient solution in patients who lack the desire to eat and cannot take in nutrition well.

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