Hospital Chair

Hospital recliners, dialysis chairs and other hospital chairs help improve patients’ quality of life. In some cases, the chair is used to help improve patient care, while in other cases, it is used as a comfort tool.

We offer the following 4 types of hospital chairs:

Blood Donation Chair

To meet the whole process of blood donation to the donor of the moment of security and comfort in the state of blood donation. For a full range of electric sitting posture adjustment, maximize the matching of different physical blood donors, effectively reduce the physical injury and fatigue caused by sitting discomfort.

Dialysis Chair

It is designed to provide comfort, safety and health during long-term treatments such as dialysis, chemotherapy, blood transfusion and other medical treatments.

Accompany Chair

With the purchase of an accompany chair, you get both a waiting seat and a seating area. The hospital recliner can be turned into a bed, providing a comfortable place for the patient’s assistant.

Infusion Chair

Infusion treatments can be lengthy and often require the patient to sit for long periods of time. These chairs are designed for patient comfort while receiving intravenous fluid therapy. Helps efficiently deliver medications or fluids, improves patient comfort, and reduces the risk of potential complications associated with prolonged sitting.

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