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Casket Lowering Device

Casket Lowering Device makes casket lowering easy and dignified. Combining aesthetics with solid interior and exterior construction. There are three basic models to choose from, all of which can be adjusted according to the width and length of the tomb.

Church Truck

Offering a new and easy way to carry and display coffins that can accommodate multiple coffin lengths and be presented in classic style, it is also the perfect solution for a cemetery or funeral home.

Mortuary Stretchers

A wide range of body stretcher removal systems are available to retrieve and transport bodies, making the process of removing a body quick and dignified. It is commonly used in hospitals, coroner’s facilities and mortuaries.

Body Bag

We offer a wide range of body bags, including PEVA body bags, PVC body bags, pp body bags, woven body bags, etc., to achieve anti-corrosion, deodorization, anti-seepage and other isolation protection effects. The range varies in size and design, but all are of high quality.

Embalming Table

We are pleased to offer a wide range of embalming tables to meet any requirement or budget. From our wide range of trolleys, you can create the perfect, flexible system to suit your needs. Ideal for corrosion protection and transfer, each end can be independently adjusted to individual working height and drainage for efficient, splash-free drainage.

Mortuary Refrigerator

A range of fridges and freezers are available to meet your facility requirements. Mortuary refrigeration units are available in many variants: single or multiple layers per door or side loading. Multiple loading options, premium commercial-grade hardware and premium materials ensure quality every time.

Mortuary Lifter

Designed to assist mortuary and funeral home staff with the task of transporting and locating coffins and bags. Get the right equipment to make your job easier and safer. Get the best equipment at the best price.

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