Ceiling Pendant

Ceiling pendant is an indispensable medical equipment in modern operating room of hospital. Mainly used in the operating room for oxygen, suction, compressed air, nitrogen and other medical gas end delivery. Caregivers can locate them on the rotating ceiling pendant at any time. They can be positioned flexibly and can optimize space utilization in operating rooms and intensive care units. We provide the following hospital ceiling pendants:

Bridge ceiling pendant

The bridge tower has a unique bridge suspension designed for special intensive care units and operating rooms. Can be fitted with all required electrical and medical components, conforming to any given specification.

Mechanical ceiling pendant

Easy to control, to create a favorable environment for the surgical process. Simplified circuit design, greatly reduce the line fault points, ensure the reliability of the operation, there will not be an emergency due to power failure.

Electric ceiling pendant

Motor control lift, translation, accurate positioning. The device can be moved effortlessly when the procedure calls for it, improving surgical efficiency.

Single arm pendant

Perfect for rooms with limited space.

Double arm pendant

The arm allows you better access to the patient and the head of the bed, and provides maximum flexibility in the room design.

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