Workstation Cart

Computer workstation carts are designed for healthcare. Our mobile workstations are carefully designed with the durability clinicians need for their workflow. Our medical mobile workstations can be combined to suit the needs of a hospital centre.

Computer Workstation Cart

With the durability, flexibility and customisability of mobile workstations, you can spend more time with your patients and work more efficiently at the same time. Choose from all-in-one and split computer styles, as well as whether or not you need a battery backup. With enough storage needs, these carts are easily accessible wherever they are needed – bedside, operating theatre, central supply storage, emergency area, ICU, nurses’ station, and more.

Endoscopy Workstation Cart

Whether you provide emergency care or routine surgery, endoscope carts can play an important role. Good mobility moves your system from room to room, providing you with the best view, view, and diagnosis or treatment. Keeping your endoscopic equipment in a locker makes your procedures more efficient.

Surgical Teaching Cart

Surgical teaching has become an essential part of medical professionals. These carts provide a comfortable workstation for providers to videoconference with patients and other colleagues, view medical images and records, teach remotely and in real time over the Internet, and are able to better enhance surgical skills and provide quality care for telemedicine patients.

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