• plastic board,extrication board
  • plastic board,extrication board

EA-5D Seperated H.D.P.E Plastic Board Extrication Board

This scoop stretcher is a first aid and transport tool that we have carefully built, specially designed to deal with all kinds of emergency rescue scenarios, and has won the praise of the majority of medical first aid, fire rescue and outdoor emergency operation teams with its efficient, safe and convenient characteristics.

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Seperated H.D.P.E Plastic Board Extrication Board Features:

1. A collapsible spine stretcher is required when transporting the patient.

2. It can be used as a scoopstretcher and spine board for rescue purposes.

3. Made of high strength aluminum alloy and HDPE plastic hollow molding

4. The stretcher is divided into two parts to facilitate the handling of patients.

5. Clutch lock: aluminum alloy, stainless steel combination

6. Can be used in combination with head fixator, and can be X-ray perspective;

7. Suitable for injuries to the head, hip, pelvis and spine;

8. Belts to ensure patient safety – 3


Model EA-5D
unfold size 186 x 43 x 7cm
Package Size(1PC/CTN) 188 x 48 x 7cm

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