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EA-11A03 Inflatable Rescue Stretcher Floating Stretcher For Water Rescue

Due to the inflatable mode, when the stretcher colliding with obstacles such as rugged mountain roads, walls and stairs during transportation, the impact on the rescued personnel is reduced, thus avoiding the injury to the cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae of the rescued personnel. It can be used as a life-saving buoyancy stretcher in emergency water rescue.

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Inflatable Rescue Stretcher Floating Stretcher For Water Rescue Description:

The flotation vacuum stretcher combines vacuum and inflation in a water rescue stretcher for swift,effective patient evacuation. Its use assists in reducing rescuer fatigue and consequent rescuer drowning.

rescue stretcher,inflatable stretcher,floating stretcher

Inflatable Rescue Stretcher Floating Stretcher Features:

1. By deflating the surround tubing the stretcher may easily be used for land transport.
2. The inflated tubing around the head end assists in keeping the patients head above water.
3. The open foot end assists in loading the patient quickly
4. Inflated surround tubing provides over 40 kg of buoyancy
5. Designed specifically for water rescue

Model EA-11A03
Size 2180*860mm
Weight 5.64kg

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