6 Great things about mortuary refrigerators


Compared to embalming (another method of preserving a body before burial or disposal), mortuary refrigerators use the following methods of refrigeration to have some advantages:

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More program time

When the bodies of the deceased remain unidentifiable, facilities are required to store them longer, as more time is needed to complete the identification process. For now, mortuary refrigerators or freezers are the only option for long-term storage of these bodies.

Keep Your environment clean

Mortuary refrigerators are separate Spaces that prevent the growth of pathogens. The remains were treated with silver ion antibacterial powder before being stored. This protects the body from the growth of harmful bacteria and prevents the spread of pathogens and bacteria in the surrounding environment.

Precise temperature control

The mortuary refrigerator is equipped with a digital display that allows users to accurately set the temperature of the refrigerator. Recent developments in refrigeration technology also ensure that the airflow inside the refrigerator will be able to cool efficiently and maintain temperature steadily without hot spots.

Better space management

Mortuary freezer has good extensibility, small footprint, large storage space. Designed as a single or multi-layer carrier, we also customize units for large storage needs, with each room having its own cooling system and temperature controller.

Strength and durability

Mortuary refrigerators are made of stainless steel to ensure a high degree of cleanliness and long lasting use of the mortuary. For proper insulation, polyurethane is used, which further extends the life of the refrigerator. The use of chrome handles on the doors also adds to the durability of the structure. The entire unit is mounted on casters, allowing the unit to be easily moved anywhere.

Looking for a new mortuary refrigerator?

The morgue fridge series has been developed for temporary or long-term storage of the bodies of the deceased. These devices are made of stainless steel and are durable. The series comes with various accessories to complement the mortuary environment, such as hydraulic trolleys, stainless steel cadaver trolleys, autopsy tables, etc.

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