An electric patient lifting equipment for transporting the elderly


With social development and progress of science and technology, the medical field more and more attention, so as to make the research in the field of medical equipment is also more deeply, in the current medical environment, there are quite a part with lower limb inconvenience to self-care and daily use of mobile object, such use object usually need a care for help, because of the need for nursing personnel is often very weak, And the physical strength of nursing workers is limited, so nursing workers are often unstable to lift or lift the need for nursing staff, resulting in potential safety risks. The action ability of the object is poor, and the ordinary shift cart equipment often cannot meet the needs, especially in the process of carrying and fixing the object used to the shift car, it is easy to appear the problem of using object discomfort or dumping to the left and right sides. When picking up, such as improper force of nurses, some nurses are too late to respond. This kind of accident will often bring great secondary injury to the object of use, and will aggravate the generation of doctor-patient contradictions. In addition, the ordinary shift car is fixed in the way of binding the object of use in the shift car, unable to solve the psychological discomfort caused by shaking left and right.

In order to solve the problem that the existing object needs to be shifted to the shifting car by external force, which leads to the overall operation trouble and brings the secondary injury to the object used. DG201N Medical Mobile Electric Transfer Hoist Patient Care Body Lift rely on the driving force of the lifting column to Lift and lower the mechanical arm to the human Body, and cooperate with the lifting device to bear the weight of the Patient to play a supporting role. In line with the characteristics of the force position of the human body, it will not cause harm or discomfort to the elderly or patients. Compared with the traditional strapping shift car and hanger, this kind of human moving shift machine is more concise and fast, saving the time and labor of nursing workers, and can meet the needs of some users who need to complete the shift in a short time.patient lifting equipment,body lifts for elderly,lifts for elderly patients,electric body lift,medical body lift,portable patient lift

The translocation machine for all patients consisted of the frame of the translocation machine itself and the sling. The sling is designed to surround the person being moved and then use the frame of the lift to gently support and move the person.
Safe bed shifting: the multi-functional shift machine can quickly, safely and smoothly lift the elderly from different positions such as wheelchair, bed, etc., to solve the problem that disabled people are difficult to get up and down the bed.
Flexible movement: the multifunctional displacement machine has 4 medical mute universal wheels, which can move flexibly in different areas of the room, smoothly enter the bathroom, bedroom and other indoor Spaces, and place disabled elderly people in toilets, toilet chairs, wheelchairs and other seating devices.
Conveniently go out: multifunctional shift machine can be folded model, can move in and out of the elevator, the old man pushed to the downstairs placed in the car, folded into the bed, solve the old man out of difficulty.
Rehabilitation training: Using mobile booster to carry out lower limb rehabilitation training is helpful for the physical function recovery of disabled elderly.
Patient lifts are a good way to help caregivers and patients avoid injuries and are widely used in hospitals and nursing homes to ensure the safety of staff and care recipients.

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