• Hip Traction Device, Orthopedic Frame
  • hip traction device,traction frame,orthopedic traction frame,orthopedic traction equipment,stainless steel frame
  • Hip Traction Device, Orthopedic Frame
  • Hip Traction Device, Orthopedic Frame

AOTA202 Stainless Steel Orthopedic Frame Hip Traction Device

This type of orthopedic traction frame adopts suspension structure and can be used together with electric operating table. It is mainly used for lateral or horizontal traction of patients’ lower limbs, and various positions can be adjusted at will. Orthopedics commonly used for fracture reduction, fixation and many other orthopedic diseases equipment. Traction frame and operating table are connected by insertion.

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Stainless Steel Orthopedic Frame Hip Traction Device Description:

The hip traction device is designed for lower extremity and hip surgery and can be attached to any universal sliding top operating table. The traction frame is constructed of stainless steel leg beams and is ideal for use with imaging equipment and can be easily adjusted according to the patient’s size and positioning requirements. Traction frame can be easily adjusted with a handy hand crank to assist leg suppression of movement while allowing the system to be adjusted seamlessly with the table for lumbar, hip, knee, femur and lower limb surgery.

Hip Traction Device Features:

1. The orthopedic traction is characterized by delicate structure, provide input connector, easy to assembly.
2. You can adjust the height of the orthographic as you wish, convenient for doctors to use other operating tables.
3. Exposed metal part adopts 304 stainless steel material.
4. With 4 stainless steel universal brake wheels, easy to move and locate.
5. Posture adjustment, traction and other manual control, can be used through the control knob to use a variety of positions.
6. The product is composed of base, guide rail, pelvic frame, frame, leg bracket, tractor bracket, etc

Orthopedic Traction Frame Structure:
hip traction device,traction frame,orthopedic traction frame,orthopedic traction equipment,stainless steel frame

1-connector ; 2-ring gear connector ; 3-leg support component ; 4-leg support ; 5-foot plate adjusting component ; 6-foot support component ; 7- vertical post; 8- traction inner support component ; 9- traction out support component; 10-leg plate adjust slider ; 11-elevation regulator ; 12- knee holder ; 13-side frame

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Model AOTA202
Main Technical Data
Material 304 stainless steel
Length: 1400mm
Width: 600mm
Height: 900mm
Tabletop Minimum Height: ≤740mm
Foot Plate Displacement: ≥200mm
Lowest Leg Plate ≤540mm
Elevation Range ≥200mm
Foot Plate Up/Down ≥60°
Outside Support Components Angle Range ≥180°
Accessories Traction frame 1 piece
Traction mobile trolley 1 piece
Leg support 2 piece
side frame 1 piece
knee holder 1 piece
elevation regulator 1 piece
Product manual 1 piece
certification 1 piece
Three guarantees for products 1 piece

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