• ophthalmic operation table
  • ophthalmic operation table
  • ophthalmic operation table

AOT200 Plus Electric Ophthalmic Operation Table With Adjustable Headrest

We are providing ophthalmic operation tables for our clients. This table is specially designed for eye surgery. The upgraded AOT200 Plus provides the surgeon with more adjustable positions: horizontal movement, lateral movement, electric head lift and more.

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Electric Ophthalmic Operation Table With Adjustable Headrest Description:

The ophthalmic operation table all offer unique convenience for surgeons and support staff. It is particularly suitable for eye surgery, where the optional chair and its accessories are designed with great care to improve the freedom of movement of the surgeon and the supporting staff near the patient’s head. The head rest allows patients to feel comfortable, and the unique ergonomic design reduces the preparation time before surgery.

ophthalmic operation table

Electric Ophthalmic Operation Table Features:

General features:

1. Designed for eye surgery.
2. The table has a strong base, the columns are made of stainless steel, antibacterial and easy to clean
3. It is divided into 5 parts: head plate (optional U-shaped headrest), backboard, seat plate and leg plate
4. Large casters and pedal brake design.

ophthalmic operation table

Electrical characteristics:

1. Electric motor drive, can achieve multiple positions.
2. Spare batteries to ensure that the workbench works at a safe voltage.

Technical features:

1. Dual control system: remote control and foot remote control
2. Ultra-low design, reduce doctor fatigue.
3. Adjustable height of surgeon armrest, high comfort.
4. The headrest can be adjusted according to the comfort of the patient to achieve the ideal position.
5. Electric drive control headboard lifting, backplane up and down, desktop horizontal sliding, desktop horizontal sliding and desktop lifting. The legs are controlled by gas springs.
6. Instrument tray provides assistance for surgery
7. Optional surgical chair

Main Parameter
Model AOT200 Plus
Operating Table Size
Length ≥2080mm
Width 550mm
Height Adjustable Range
Min. height of table top from floor ≥740mm
Max. height of table top from floor ≤540mm
Head Plate Elevation Range 50mm
Back Plate Up ≥60°
Down ≥10°
Leg Plate Down ≥60°
Table Top Lateral Sliding 100mm
Table Top Horizontal Sliding 300mm
Doctor Arm Support Elevation Range 240mm
Basic Accessories: Infusion Rod 1 piece
Arm Board 1 pair
Instrument Tray 1 set
Foot Switch 1 piece
Hand Remote 1 piece
Fixing Camp 2 pieces
Mattress 1 piece

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