• hydraulic surgical operating table
  • hydraulic surgical operating table
  • hydraulic surgical operating table

AOT8801A Pro T-shape Base Electro-hydraulic Surgical Operating Table

The electric hydraulic operating table combines modern technology and user-friendly design philosophy. Advanced hydraulic transmission systems, adopts the development trend of today’s medical technology, which not only meets the requirements of image observations and diagnosis in surgery, but also modern advanced operations. The operating table combines convenient design and maximum flexibility for ordinary surgery. The table has a wide range of posture and provides comfort and operational efficiency for the surgical team.

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T-shape Base Electro-hydraulic Surgical Operating Table Description:

The hydraulic surgical operating table treats all special requirements of the operating room through the electric hydraulic control system. The wide range of accessories makes them very flexible for different operating rooms.
The height adjustment of the multi-function operating table provides a better ergonomic working position for doctors. The combination of sliding tabletop, flexion and re-flexion position and tilt position of the operating table provides excellent surgical site exposure. Both the head and tail plates are positioned at multiple angles for the surgeon to access the surgical site.

hydraulic surgical operating table

Electro-hydraulic Surgical Operating Table Features:

General features:

1. The electro-hydraulic operating table consists of a table top, a table base and supporting parts for the electro-hydraulic control system.

2. Four-section structure, five-section operating table plate: head plate, back plate, kidney lifting plate, hip plate and leg plate.

3. T Base and column cover are made of high quality 304 stainless steel.

4. The table top is equipped with a large number of practical standard accessories to meet different operational requirements and the side rails are flanked by high quality 304 stainless steel. The accessory clamps are removable and easy to use.

5. One-step medical polyurethane moulding process mattress with a seamless, antibacterial and easy-to-clean surface.

6. Built-in lumbar bridge can lift the waist to expose the surgical field and facilitate various position adjustments required for lumbar spine, spine, kidney and gall bladder surgery.

7. castors for easy movement of the operating table, which can be electrically controlled to contract or extend when not in use.

8. 135kg load capacity, with the highest safety and stability.

hydraulic surgical operating table

Electrical characteristics:

1. Electricity is changed to 24V DC by the electronic control system to drive the hydraulic system.

2. In case of failure of the network power supply, temporary power supply can be provided by the internal power supply.


Technical Features:

1. Table lifting, back and forth movement, left and right tilting, Tendelenburg and reserve-Tendelenburg position, back plate up and down folding, braking, one button reset by electro-hydraulic realisation, Button operation.One press to “∧” or “∨” (Flexion and anti-flexion.)

2. The electro-hydraulic system makes the table low noise, high safety and high reliability.

3. The table is widened to 52cm and the T-shaped base gives the doctor more room to move around.

4. The back plate can be lifted and folded down to allow the surgeon to access the surgical site.

5. Vertical translation 350mm, the patient can freely contact the C-arm without repositioning.

6. Two control modes: electric remote control and standard supercontrol panel control, push-button operation, safer control.

7. With excellent braking system, the table can be fixed in a very stable position, and can be applied or released by manual switch or the overcontrol panel on the column.


Scope of application:

The electro-hydraulic operating table is mainly used by medical institutions to carry patients in head, neck, chest, abdomen, perineum, limbs and other surgical, gynaecological, urological, osteopathic and other surgical positions.


Main Parameter
Model AOT8801A Pro
Operating Table Size
Length 2050mm
Width 520mm
Height Adjustable Range
Min. height of table top from floor 600mm
Max. height of table top from floor 1030mm
Table Overall Adjustable Range
Reversed tendelenburg ≥30°
Tendelenburg ≥30°
Lateral tilt ≥20°
Backward and forward movements ≥350mm
Table Section Adjustment Range
Head section raised from the horizontal ≥30°
Head section lowered from the horizontal ≥45°
Kidney bridge elevated ≥130mm
Back section raised from the horizontal ≥80°
Back section lowered from the horizontal ≥30°
Leg section raised from the horizontal ≥15°
Leg section lowered from the horizontal ≥90°
Leg section opened ≥90°
Foot board can be horizontal or vertical with leg board.
Power Supply AC 220V±10%,50Hz
Basic Accessories: Anaesthetic screen: 1 set
Arm support: 1 pair
Body support: 1 pair
leg support: 1 pair
Cushion: 1 set


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