Convenient boarding New experience – Power Airplane Aisle Wheelchair


In the modern age of aviation, comfort and ease of travel have become increasingly important. In order to address some of the challenges of the boarding process in airports, we have introduced an innovative product – the Power Airplane Aisle Wheelchair. Not only does this chair help travellers board the plane with ease, but it also uses motorised control technology to make the whole boarding process smarter and smoother.


airplane aisle wheelchair,electric stair chair


Portable Design


The power airplane aisle wheelchair is compact and portable, so travellers can use it conveniently in airport waiting areas. It can be folded and stored without causing any inconvenience to travellers.


Motorised Control


The unique feature of this chair is its motorised control technology. Through the intelligent control system, travellers can easily control the chair to lift and lower the chair to achieve the function of climbing stairs automatically. This is especially convenient for gates that require climbing long ladders, where boarding can be accomplished with a few simple manoeuvres.



Reducing The Burden On Disabled Travellers


Our electric stair chairs are a great help for travellers with reduced mobility. He can easily manoeuvre the chair to board the plane without assistance. This not only improves the efficiency of boarding and disembarking, but it can also be used as a normal wheelchair, which makes airport staff praise the practicality and user-friendly design of the product.


Upgraded User Experience


The electric stair chair for airports solves some of the problems when boarding, and brings a brand new boarding experience to travellers. Intelligent control, lightweight carrying, and safe and reliable performance make the boarding process easier and more enjoyable. In the future airport travel, this chair will become the travellers’ right-hand man, bringing them a more convenient, safe and comfortable aviation experience.



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