Home Care bed

Home care beds meet all the standards of the latest modern hospital beds and perfectly meet the need to provide quality care in the comfort of a home environment. The unlimited value of the home care bed not only means a higher quality of life for the user, but also reduces the workload for those who can care for the user.

A hospital bed that can be used in a domestic or residential setting while still retaining the function of a hospital bed. When palliative care is needed at home, the beds help make the process as smooth as possible.

These are electric beds with adjustable backs, leg supports and, in some cases, knee lifts. They were developed to meet the needs of users and caregivers. In some cases, these beds have wooden or metal side bars to prevent users from falling out of the bed.

Home care beds are often the right choice for those who have been discharged from hospital but still need the care and support a hospital bed provides.


Five function electric homecare bed

Ultra low homecare bed

Rotatable homecare bed

American style homecare bed

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