• electromechanical operating table, ergonomic operating table
  • electromechanical operating table, ergonomic operating table

AOT700B Electromechanical Operating Table Ergonomic Operating Table

An operating table is a table on which a patient lies during a surgical procedure. Sometimes known as a surgical table or operation table, operating tables are typically used within an operating room or surgical suite of a hospital, ambulatory surgery center, or other healthcare facilities where surgeries are performed.

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Electromechanical Operating Table Description:

The electromechanical operating table has a variety of positioning functions. Two control modes are provided, multi-functional electric hydraulic control system and manual system, which are applied to emergency power failure. To meet a wide range of clinical needs and specific postural requirements in different settings.

electromechanical operating table, ergonomic operating table



Electromechanical Operating Table Features:

General features:

1. The head plate, back plate, kidney bridge, hip plate, leg plate five parts, to meet the needs of general surgery.

2. Wider table, more stable operation process.

3. Leg plate: imported air spring, easy to control.

4. 250 kg heavy load capacity, with the highest safety and stability.

5. Applicable to all kinds of operations, such as abdominal surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, otolaryngology, urology, anorectal and orthopedics, etc.

6. The table has a wide range of angles and inclinations to achieve maximum surgical flexibility — just one table can be adapted to almost any surgical specialty, thus increasing cost effectiveness.

electromechanical operating table, ergonomic operating table


Technical Features:

1. Dual control system designed for electro-hydraulic control and manual hydraulic control. In case of electro-hydraulic or manual switch failure, manual control system can be used.

2. Dual control mode, one is wire control, with one key automatic horizontal reset function. Hand-controlled devices have simple, legible backlit buttons, and all controls have a wide range of clarity.

The other is the column emergency control system. Two sets of independent operating systems with the same functions ensure the reliable operation of the emergency control system when the wire controller fails, and ensure the safe use of the operating table.

3. Built-in kidney bridge — manual operation.

4. Remote control movement is operated by imported electro-hydraulic system, which includes hydraulic motor pump, solenoid valve and hydraulic cylinder to ensure smooth and quiet movement.

5. The operation positions of the table, i.e. height adjustment, rear, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg and lateral tilt, are quickly and accurately controlled by hand-held remote controls with symbolic soft touch buttons, and can also be assisted by foot pedals through a selector in case of electrical system failure.

6. Double section back plate with easy click joint for tear down quickly and suitable for shoulder surgery device, and easy click leg plate suitable for orthopedic traction frame

7. The leg plate controlled by air spring can be folded up, down and out.

electromechanical operating table, ergonomic operating table


Eectrical characteristics:

1. Equipped with high-performance rechargeable battery, which can meet the needs of ≥50 operations, to ensure that no external power supply can work. Rechargeable batteries require no maintenance and can be used for a long time. At the same time, ac power can be used to provide power for maximum safety.


electromechanical operating table, ergonomic operating table

Main Parameter  
Model AOT700B
Operating Table Size
Length ≥2040mm
Width 550mm
Table Overall Adjustable Range
Min. height of table top from floor 600mm
Max. height of table top from floor 930mm
Tendelenburg ≥30º
Reversed tendelenburg 30º
Lateral tilt ≥25º
Backward and forward movements without
Horizonal ratation of tabletop without
Table Section Adjustment Range
Head section raised from the horizontal ≥60º
Head section lowered from the horizontal ≥90º
Kidney bridge elevated ≥340mm
Back section raised from the horizontal ≥80º
Back section lowered from the horizontal ≥40º
Leg section raised from the horizontal ≥20º
Leg section lowered from the horizontal ≥90º
Foot board can be horizontal or vertical with leg board.
Power Supply AC 220V±10%,50Hz
Basic Accessories: Anaesthetic screen: 1 set
Arm support: 1 pair
Body support: 1 pair
leg support: 1 pair
Shoulder Rest: 1pair
Foot plate: 1 pair
Cushion: 1 set
Manual controller: 1 pc
Kidney bridge handle: 1 pc
Power cord: 1 pc

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