• lithotomy stirrups,pneumatic support hydraulic gas spring

AOTA006FP Medical Lithotomy Stirrups Pneumatic Support Hydraulic Gas Spring

Patient positioning using the Lithotomy Stirrups features an extended lateral boot design that supports the patient’s leg entirely, preventing superficial nerve damage and prevents unwanted leg rotation intra-operatively.

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Lithotomy Stirrups Pneumatic Support Hydraulic Gas Spring Description:

Lithotomy stirrups are a perfect positioning tool for bone interception surgery. It can improve the operation specifications and surgical operation requirements of the stones of the surgical site, and provide new standards for positioning the positioning of the bone interception position. The pneumatic support hydraulic gas spring is in line with ergonomic shoe design, effectively reducing the pressure of patients in the operation of the armpit and thighs during the operation, thereby improving the comfort and safety of patients.

lithotomy stirrups,pneumatic support hydraulic gas spring lithotomy stirrups,pneumatic support hydraulic gas spring


Lithotomy Stirrups Features:

1. Single -handed control, ergonomic design, can realize the adjustment of the patient’s posture;
2. Gas spring help, convenient adjustment;
3. Horse -type design, there is no pressure on the nest, which can avoid the risk of venous thrombosis and fibula nerve injury;
4. Segmental legs and insteps to avoid local skin pressure injuries;
5. When moving, you can automatically adjust the position of the leg frame;
6. Double indication calibration, you can accurately position the surgical posture

lithotomy stirrups,pneumatic support hydraulic gas spring



Main Parameter
Model AOTA006FP
Weight: 12kgs
Cantilever length: 100CM
Application of the patient’s physique: under 150 kilograms
The adjustment angle of the cantilever up and down: -35°~90°
Horizontal adjustment 15°~30°
Sheath adjustment before and after 330mm
Package size: 45cm*55cm*110cm


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