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AV-1010 Portable Veterinary Ventilator For Anesthesia Gas Machine

It provides the physician with a flexible, simple and easy-to-use ventilator for closed circuit AND semi-close circuit. All the selected patient parameters are clearly visible on large, bright LCD displays. The audio-visual alarm system contains improved alarm features ・・ including alarm mute. The AV-1010 is an advanced, yet easy-to-use anesthesia ventilator.

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Portable Veterinary Ventilator For Anesthesia Gas Machine Features:

1.Provide A/C ventilation to the patient in the process of operation or in recovery after the operation.

2.Applied for adult and pediatric and animal

3.Microprocessor controlled ,integrated anesthetic ventilation system

4.7 inch TFT display screen

5.Good air tightness, high reliability


Technique Specifications
Dimensions: 43cm*38cm*49cm
Weight: 10kg
Working type: Electronically controlled, pneumatic driven
Patient type: Pediatric, Adult
Ventilation mode: IPPV, SIMV, MANUAL(BAG)
Tidal volume: 40-1500ml
l:E ratio: 4:1-1:8
Adjustment range: 1-100bpm
Under IPPV and Manual mode: 4~65bpm
Under SIMV: 1-40bpm
Monitoring: VT, MV, BPM, Paw, FiO2, PEEP, Respiratory Frequency, l:E ratio, Ppeak
Waveform: Pressure- time, Flow- time
Power: AC 220V±10%, 50HZ±2%, built-in battery > 2hrs(rechargeable) 12V
Inspiratory time (Tl) (at SIMV) Adjustment range:0.2 s 〜6.0 s (the limit of l:E ratio< 4)
Pressure trigger: —20 cmH20 〜0 cmH20
Pressure limit:
Patient airway pressure range: -2KPa 〜10KPa
Airway pressure monitoring range: 0〜10KPa
Safety valve pressure limit: 6Kpa
Alarm: High(low) pressure alarm, High(Low) MV alarm, AC power lost alarm
Oxygen sensor
Silicon tubes (reusable)
Tidal volume sampling sensor
Oxygen high pressure hose

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