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GA600 Casket Protector Rain Cover

We all know that coffins change over time. Casket protector tackles the problem at the source. Fully sealed coffins will eliminate odors, liquids and pests. Use our products to provide a reliable and consistent source of protection for their families, employees and mausoleum buildings.This high quality cover will protect the coffin during transport and keep dust away when stored. A little security can save a lot.

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Casket Protector Rain Cover Features:

1. The casket protector is PVC material light weight, easy to wipe clean dirt.

2. Provides protection from damage when moving the coffin.

3. Protect the coffin from rain and snow.

4. Durable and easy to put on, this case will last a long time.

5. These casket covers are cost-efficient moving pads, outweighing the money it would take to repair the casket.

casket protector


Product model GA600
Colors Black
Size 235×70cm×70cm
Material PVC
Zipper Straight Type Zipper


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