• morgue bag,heavy duty body bags,body bag zipper,corpse body bag,pp woven bags
  • morgue bag,heavy duty body bags,body bag zipper,corpse body bag,pp woven bags

GA400C Morgue Corpse Heavy Duty PP PE Woven Body Bags With C Type Zipper

Respect for the deceased, an essential shipping tool for firefighting and other units. It has the characteristics of easy portability, high load-bearing strength, good sealing, and anti-leakage. It has the characteristics of good use strength, anti-leakage, cold resistance, heat preservation, environmental protection, convenient loading and lifting, beautiful appearance, easy to carry and so on.

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GA400C Morgue Corpse PP PE Woven Body Bags Description:
Morgue Bag is environmentally friendly, waterproof, rugged, durable and soft, is very suitable for corpse transportation. Heavy Duty Body Bags adopts a full-sealed zipper design to achieve anti-corrosion, deodorant, leak-proof and other isolation protection effects. Corpse Bady Bag can burn directly. Its small size, light weight, easy packaging, easy to use. In natural disasters such as war and earthquakes, tsunami, the corpse should be reserved. PP + PE woven corpse bag super anti-tear, can protect the body well. These corpse bags are sometimes used by customers, such as corps, medical teams and medical transport companies.
GA400C Morgue Corpse PP PE Woven Body Bags Features:
1.128gPP+30gPE body bag is flexible, durable and tear resistant. The material, made from polyethylene and polypropylene, lasts longer. The bag remains elastic at low temperatures. This allows it to be used in winter environments or morgues without fear of material “cracking”.
2.PE coating inside to avoid infectious diseases.
3. Body bags can be used in hospitals, funerals, wars, disasters or emergencies.
4. Double ends # 5 zipper, tightly stitched. Zipper grain is clear, not easy to open slip buckle, simple operation time and labor saving.
5. The outer layer and the middle layer are the stress layer. Six handles are arranged at the specific position at the bottom of the outer layer, which are directly welded to the bag material and reinforced by special process.
6. A transparent label bag is set above the front of the bag to place a label card, which is convenient for registration and transportation, so as to give the deceased a rest and dignity.
7 Loading capacity ≥180kg, strong bearing capacity, good sealing, easy to carry.
8. Remove the body quickly, conveniently and quickly to ensure respect for the deceased. Is the funeral home, fire, hospital and other units indispensable shipping tools.
(1)Can customize any size, material, thickness, heat sealing. Any number of built-in or external handles. Different types of zipper design, zipper material and so on
(2)Body bag ID bag, which includes toe tag, external ID tag, personal item ID tag.And ID holder of the deceased identity can also be provided upon request.
(3)Body Bag With Window
(4)Absorbent pads
morgue bag,heavy duty body bags,body bag zipper,corpse body bag,pp woven bags
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Product model GA400C
Size 220×85cm
Weight 158gsm
Zipper C Type Zipper
Handles 6 Handles
Maximum loading capacity ≥180kg


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