• brain retractor,neurosurgery halo,brain surgery halo
  • brain retractor,neurosurgery halo,brain surgery halo

AOTA303 Neurosurgery Halo Brain Retractor

Retractors and brain plates are often used in orthopedic and neurosurgical procedures to fully expose the surgical field and avoid damage to normal brain tissue. Retractors not only need to be lightweight, but also need to be flexible. Being fixed on the operating table can avoid great risks in surgery, and multiple angles can be adjusted quickly, easily and safely during surgery.

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Neurosurgery Halo Brain Retractor Description:

The brain retractor is a dedicated device. Two J arms are fixed on either side of the skull clip and the Angle and height of the arms are freely adjustable. The double ring is freely adjustable to the half-ring position, with fast rail design and flexible retractable arms that can be easily attached to the ring. The frame can be fixed in any position and direction, ergonomic design, fully adapted to the field of surgery.

Neurosurgery Halo Brain Retractor Features:

1. 3-point fixation, head clip fixed arm streamlined design.

2. Made of aluminum alloy.

3. Ring design, consisting of two semicircles forming the head ring, to achieve a full range of 360° continuous pulling.

4. The universal axis joint is tightly combined, the surface of the ball head is smooth, avoiding the infiltration of dirt.

5. Serpentine arms are available in a variety of lengths.

6. Commutator can hold firmly the skull rack, support rod, without looseness.

7. Support rod can support the circle firmly without looseness.

8. The circle has a groove of 6mm±1 for flexible axle retractor to move around the circle.

9. The flexible axle retractor can move freely on the circumference retractor.

Note: This is a combination of AOTA302 and AOTA303-A008

Main Parameter
Model AOTA303
3-Point Headrest System
forward and backward movement: 350mm
left and right movement: 400mm
height adjustable range: 350mm
swinging angle: ≥ 75°
adjustment range for Installation of center distance: 190~590mm
Level rotation angle for ball socket adaptor: 360 °
Vertical plane angle for ball socket adaptor: 0°-75°
The distance of the threaded hole on transitional member 190-590mm
Halo Retractor System: 1.  Double hinged design allows a direct adaptation of the retractor arms in any position.
2.  Flexibility and versatility for all surgical approaches.
3.  Complete ring, angled or half ring set up

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