What is the difference between a hospital bed and adjustable bed?


Adjustable beds and hospital beds are separate or separate pieces of furniture known to share a common feature; Both beds include adjustable bases for the head and feet. It also allows you to change specific angles based on body parts. Although the two beds are similar in some characteristics, their properties and uses are quite different. They are useful in their respective genres and needs.


Home Care Adjustable beds are designed for home use, and in ordinary times they look just like any traditional home bed. It was designed to blend seamlessly with the bedroom decor by retaining the metal and wooden exterior frame. This allows the patient to lift the head and feet out of bed and find a comfortable position for various health problems.

On the other hand, hospital beds are designed with practicality in mind. Most of these beds are made of clean metal structures that are easy for medical care workers to operate. They’re actually designed to make them easier to clean. In addition, this becomes easier when you care for patients who have no control over their bodies.


height adjustment

Home Care adjustable bed can easily adjust height according to user requirements and needs. Patients usually need to stand in a semi-upright/upright position, which they can do by themselves with the help of an adjustable bed motor. The main selling point of the adjustable bed is its ability to lift the user’s feet and head at different angles, which facilitates blood flow. It allows you to watch TV, play video games, and/or read books without having to move your bed.

In addition to having an adjustable head/foot Angle, the medical bed allows you to completely increase/decrease the bed height. The lowest medical bed can reduce the risk of a patient falling, and conversely, the higher the bed can help to move the disabled patient from the wheelchair to the bed.

The control mode

Modern adjustable beds are controlled by remote controls that have been designed with the user experience in mind so they are usually easily accessible to the average consumer. There are two kinds of control methods: electric hospital bed and manual hospital bed. Although electric hospital bed is advanced, it is expensive and much more expensive than manual hospital bed. Therefore, manual hospital bed is much more practical from the price level.


Your needs are entertaining: If you want to hang out in your bedroom, play video games, watch TV, read books, etc., the adjustable bed can provide you with massagers, ambient lighting, and general aesthetic appeal.

Patients have to move around a lot: with wheels on the base, hospital beds can easily transport patients at will without having to take them out of their beds (which can have a negative impact on their recovery).

You or a loved one has a serious illness: in this case, they not only need to adjust their head and feet, but also need an easy way to get in and out of bed (or be assisted by a caregiver). This can only be achieved through the use of a suitable hospital bed that supports raising and lowering the head and foot joints in addition to their height.

Medical beds are used by medical institutions, and home care beds are used by families. BAE5094 Medical Electric Home Care Bed are practical, convenient, and versatile. They are comfortable for better recovery.BAE504 Hospital Five Functions Adjustable Electric ICU Patient Bed can help patients as far as possible to their own activities, not only can reduce the intensity of nursing staff, but also promote the patient to recover as soon as possible, even if only one person, can also be easily nursing, at the same time for rehabilitation patients, but also can strengthen the confidence of rehabilitation, to restore the ground to do the plan early.

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