• kendrick extrication device, body splint, ked stretcher
  • kendrick extrication device, body splint, ked stretcher
  • kendrick extrication device, body splint, ked stretcher
  • kendrick extrication device, body splint, ked stretcher

EB-3A Kendrick Extrication Device Body Splint KED Stretcher Spinal Immobilization

The Kendrick Extrication Device (K.E.D.) is a device that is used in vehicle extrication to remove victims of traffic collisions from motor vehicles. Commonly carried on ambulances, the K.E.D. is typically applied by an emergency medical technician, paramedic, or another first responder. Typically used in conjunction with a cervical collar, the K.E.D. is a semi-rigid brace that secures the head, neck and torso in an anatomically neutral position. This position reduces the possibility of additional injuries to these regions during extrication.

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Kendrick Extrication Device Description:

The kendrick extrication device securely secures the patient to the device through shoulder, chest, belt and leg straps, preventing movement. These fixed straps are adjustable in length to accommodate adults of different sizes, ensuring firmness and comfort. Provide full support for the back, from the neck to the tail vertebrae, ensuring that the entire spine is well anchored.

Kendrick Extrication Device, Body Splint, Rescue Kendrick Extrication, Medical Kendrick Extricationkendrick extrication device, body splint, ked stretcher

Kendrick Extrication Device Body Splint Features:

1. It is used to fix patient’s back, suitable for rib injured patients.

2. It is made of waterproof PVC, internal board is anti-corrosionX-ray translucent.

3. It can be used for patients with a variety of body types, including children and pregnant women

4. Color coded sewn strap and spring lock for quick and easy use

5. Adjustable, rear-folding sides allow easy access to the patient’s chest.

6. A versatile method for immobilizing and freeing a patient from a vehicle or confined space.

7. The foldable design provides vertical rigidity to maximize the spine, neck and head.

8. Can be used together with cervical collar and head immobilize.


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Pediatric Kendrick Extrication Device

Ambulance Child Restraint System

♦The focus is on stabilizing the spine of the paediatric patient to prevent further injury during rescue and transfer. ♦Ensure that the child is safely and securely immobilised during ambulance transport to prevent movement when the vehicle accelerates, decelerates or turns.


Model EB-3A
Stretch Size 82x80cm
Packing 90x20x20cm
N.W. 2.5kg
G.W. 3kg


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