• military sam splint, roll up splint
  • military sam splint, roll up splint
  • military sam splint, roll up splint
  • military sam splint, roll up splint

EB-8A Military SAM Splint First Aid Arm Leg Roll Up Splint

Lightweight: Skin-friendly foam does not place weight on injured limbs.

Toughness: Thin aluminum alloy core layer has the same high strength as traditional plywood.

Malleability: Flexible materials can be molded into various forms for different parts of the body.

Radiographic transparency: The splint does not have to be removed during X-ray examination.

Plastic: Can be cut to a smaller size with household scissors.

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Military SAM Splint First Aid Arm Leg Roll Up Splint Description:

Plastic polymer splint and polymer roller splint are made of metal (aluminum) and polymer material (orange cross-linked ester film non-toxic material).
It is an external fixation material for upper and lower extremity fractures. Fixation with dislocation of forehead, finger and shoulder joints.

Sam Splint is especially well suited for outdoor first aid. The outer layer of splint is foam and fully enclosed, and the inner part is metal plate. Can be hand arbitrary shape, to achieve fixed purpose, easy to use, etc. It is lightweight, flexible and X-rayed at will.

Military sam splint is suitable for emergency trauma products.

military sam splint, roll up splint

Military SAM Splint Features:

1. Advanced production technology, safe, non-toxic, no odor, direct contact with skin.

2. This product is also known as volume plywood, polymer plywood, plastic plywood and so on.

3. Made of aluminum plate and polymer material, with strong plasticity, especially suitable for outdoor emergency use.

4. Moderate softness, good elasticity, easy to use, reusable, can withstand shape cutting.

5. It can contact skin directly, and can be shaped, fixed and reused according to different needs. Not subject to any circumstances or conditions.

6. Small size, waterproof, X-ray transparent, suitable for sudden trauma, can be used instead of gypsum.

7. It can be used as a good fixation device for fracture. Can be made into a cylinder, with static bending support to fix and support the wound.

8. Does not stick to the wound, suitable for continuous use.

9. Used for EMS personnel, outdoor explorers, military doctors, first aid kits.

10. Application: adjustable neck support splint, double wrist splint, finger splint, fixed knee splint, single leg splint.

Used for upper and lower limbs fixation; These two splints can be used together to fix long lower limbs, neck, finger and shoulder joint dislocation.

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Model EB-8A
Material: Aluminum Foam
Size 91*11cm
Thickness 0.5cm
Weight 0.15kg


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