2 Functions of the Medical Pendant


“Pendant” is an abbreviation for medical pendant.

Medical pendant is an essential and basic equipment for hospitals. It mainly provides the fixing and positioning of related medical equipment, as well as the supply of medical gas and strong and weak electricity required by related medical equipment. It is widely used in hospital operating room, ICU.

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In this definition.

Firstly, the pendant is not a medical device, but it has gained greater recognition among medical personnel and is therefore called basic equipment.

Secondly, in terms of use, regardless of the design of the lifting pendant, what is important are but two functions.


1. To fix and position the associated medical equipment.


Note that I have used two verbs for fixing and positioning. If the anesthesia pendant, the anesthesia machine can be fixed to the tower to ensure that the anesthesia machine does not move randomly during use, and the anesthesia machine can be moved by the movement to move the cantilever above the pendant. It is located on the side of the patient’s head to facilitate the anesthesiologist’s operation. Or some hospitals will be equipped with multimedia pendants. In fact, the display is fixed on the lift pendant and the position of the display is positioned by moving the lift pendant in space to facilitate minimally invasive surgery.


2. Provide relevant medical assistance.


The medical gas supply and the strong and weak electrical power supply required for the equipment. Without a pendant, these items were fixed to the walls of the operating room in the form of terminals or sockets. Nowadays, the application of a pendant passes these items on the wall to the pendant, which facilitates the actual operation.


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