• patient transfer lift,sit to stand lift
  • patient transfer lift,sit to stand lift
  • patient transfer lift,sit to stand lift

DG203 Full Body Patient Transfer Lift Sit To Stand Lift

As an innovative result of modern medical care and rehabilitation technology, the full body patient transfer lift provides unprecedented convenience and dignity for patients with limited mobility. This well-designed, battery-operated shifter is not only cost-effective, but also extremely reliable in performance, especially tailored for patients who face challenges in switching between standing or sitting positions. The low base allows patients to move freely around their home or medical environment, maintaining independence and quality of life.

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The patient transfer lift is the perfect solution for safe and easy patient transfer. This dynamic, high-quality patient transfer system provides an effective way to safely move patients, prevent injury to patients and caregivers, while folding tightly enough for easy storage and transportation.
It is installed in the lowest position below most beds, making it the perfect solution for transferring patients in smaller rooms with lower beds.Using the device can reduce stress for healthcare professionals and home care providers who work with patients with limited mobility or mobility.It is used to transfer nursing devices for severe patients with hemiplegia, amputation and post-operation.
Our sit to stand lift is compact and easy to operate in a variety of environments, providing a winning combination of safety, simplicity and value.


patient transfer lift,sit to stand lift


Full Body Patient Transfer Lift Features:

1. The main frame is made of high-strength thickened shaped rigid tube with powder-coated surface, easy to clean, solid and stable.

2. The column and arm can be adjusted to the desired height, so that it can be raised to a suitable height from the ground.

3. simple and clear remote control handle, left button up and right button down, so that the user can understand at a glance, even the elderly can operate.

4. Emergency descent device, when the lift is inoperable due to power failure or malfunction during use, the red button can be turned to the right and the cantilever frame will descend.

5.With emergency stop device, press the emergency stop device in case of emergency, the machine stops lifting due to power failure, turn the red button clockwise to restore power.

6. During the lifting process, the hanger can be rotated 360° at will to obtain a comfortable body position, which is more convenient and flexible to use.

7. Adjustable knee unit for comfort at any height.

8. Multi-functional handrails designed to give the user a better grip and assist with lifting when using the standing lift function for greater safety.

9. Foldable footrests for gait training

10. Base bracket can be adjusted through the pedal open, suitable for all kinds of wheelchair and the bed.

11. rear wheels with brake to prevent the lift from moving when the patient is lifted.

12. Low battery warning beep to alert caregivers when the battery needs to be recharged.


Optional Sling:

patient transfer lift,sit to stand lift patient transfer lift,sit to stand lift

Main Parameter
Model DG203
Arm Length 990mm
Leg Length 1190mm
Overall Width 590mm
Base Open Width 860mm
Hook Height 720-1730mm
Push Handle Height 1140mm
Base Clearance 115mm
Weight Capacity 150kg(200kgs optional)
Frame material: Strong steel frame
Coating: Powder coating
Front twin casters 3″
Rear break casters 4″ with brakes
Input voltage 220V50HZ
Motor: 24V

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