What are The Features Of The Gyno Exam Chair?


The gynaecological chair is not to be found in all types of doctor’s offices. It is a special chair for a special purpose. The gynaecological chair is one of the few chairs available in a gynaecologist’s office. This chair allows pregnant women to sit comfortably so that the doctor can examine them carefully and diligently. pregnant gyno exam allows the doctor to make the patient feel comfortable and at ease for a smooth examination. The most important need is to have a suitable chair in which the patient can feel completely relaxed and totally comfortable.


The medical exam bed is specifically designed to meet the needs of gynaecology with a chair that encourages a sensible and controversial approach to the required medical examination. The idea is to ensure that patients get the best possible comfort while investing in a reasonable budget. You can order a gynaecological chair with the right features to suit your needs. The aim is to ensure comfortable and relaxed reception conditions for the patient. Remember that a chair should be perfectly combined with effectiveness and simplicity.


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Check the following for the standard features of the gyno exam chair.


1. adjustable backrest complemented by gas springs to allow the patient to sit in the most ideal position
2. adjustable seat with reclining aid adjusted by an electric actuator
3. Accessibility, comfort, safety and hygiene for the patient
4. foot controls with suitable leg rests or stirrups with cushions to reduce the patient’s burden
5. seamless, foam and medium density upholstery
6. removable and waterproof upholstery
7. upholstery made of a flame retardant covering with antibacterial properties
8. chairs with a weight of 200 kg to support the patient
9. auxiliary table top, sliding and removable. The pot is also equipped with a splash guard and a drain
10. stable frame made of stainless steel for durability
11. the chair should have a steel construction with a light grey covering for the right look
12. Available in a wide range of colours
13. numerous functions
14. various electric movements identified, such as seat tilt adjustment, height adjustment, back adjustment and Trendelenburg reclining position
15. supported by wheels
16. as the chair ensures motorised movements, the motor determines the soft start and stop for maximum comfort and crush-resistant safety
17. very slow movement of the chair and backrest for the convenience of the patient
18. easy to maintain and use


The gynaecological couch meets the right needs for pregnant women, patients with reduced mobility and the elderly. They are received and treated in the chair, creating a favourable environment for the doctor to see the patient.


The gynaecological couch offers various types of examinations in order to detect the right problem and the required treatment. The person operating the chair should remember the different examination positions, for the practitioner, in order to facilitate his examination. There is an additional support cushion that extends like a table, thus extending the seat and footrest to suit the patient’s needs.


gyno exam chair,gynaecological chair, pregnant gyno exam

Benefits for the practitioner


1. the chair is built for the comfort of the patient, but also just to allow for a proper examination without any disturbance.
2. The benefit to the patient is therefore an indirect benefit to the doctor.
3. The adjacent paper roll next to the chair provides great convenience to the doctor in maintaining hygiene and no contamination occurs.
4. The chair is part of the electrical environment and is therefore completely under the doctor’s control.
5. The gynaecology chair is unlike any other patient chair in the doctor’s office. Equipped with various features to ensure the health of the patient, the chair is personalised according to its work.


In fact, the gyno exam chair is a practical and reliable sofa with a seamless design that can be configured according to needs. No wonder, the chair’s simple design is absolutely helpful and effective for gynaecological use. The chair can be ordered to suit your personal preferences and the requirements of your work space.


The ultimate goal will be to diagnose the patient and perform the examination without leaving any room for error. In practice, chairs have proven to be very necessary and effective. We hope you will be able to grasp all the features of the gynaecological examination chair mentioned above.

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