• leg traction,traction frame,orthopedic frame
  • leg traction,traction frame,orthopedic frame
  • leg traction,traction frame,orthopedic frame
  • leg traction,traction frame,orthopedic frame

AOTA202 Carbon Fiber Leg Traction Frame Orthopedic Frame

The new technologies convert stainless steel to carbon fiber materials, you can do full X-ray, no excessive moving traction racks in surgery, saving surgical time, safer surgery. Now more and more orthopedic operating rooms begin to purchase carbon fiber traction frames, even replace the original stainless steel traction frame, in the future, almost every operating room has carbon fiber traction.

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Carbon Fiber Leg Traction Frame Orthopedic Frame Description:

The leg traction frame is mainly used for traction, reduction and fixation of lower limbs and other orthopedic operations, which can carry out lateral and horizontal traction and internal and external extension position for patients’ limbs. The frame should be combined with the operating table. Traction is a common orthopedic treatment. The implementation of orthopedic traction frame assisted traction can improve the traction effect. During surgery, the use of the frame allows patients to achieve a good reduction effect by adjusting the traction device under c-arm fluoroscopy, which is not prone to body position changes and contributes to the progress of surgery.

Carbon Fiber Leg Traction Frame Features

1. This orthopedic operating table can be used with the company’s operating table.
2. The main material is carbon fiber and is used for C-arm imagining, and any position is no blind.
3. The traction mechanism has a scale display that can accurately reflect the traction stroke, which is convenient for the doctor.
4. Our frame is used in trauma surgery, which can improve the quality of surgery.

leg traction,traction frame,orthopedic frame

Basic parameters:
The horizontal opening Angle of the rotary arm on the orthopedic operating table ≥60°
The horizontal movement range S1 of the leg bracket ≥550mm
Traction stroke S ≥180mm
The horizontal movement range of the orthopedic operating table S2 ≥400mm


Vertical Angle adjustment range of traction mechanism R 50°~140°
Length 1300 mm
Width 300 mm
Height 850 mm


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