• Pelvic Exam Table, Gynecological Exam Table
  • Pelvic Exam Table, Gynecological Exam Table
  • Pelvic Exam Table, Gynecological Exam Table
  • Pelvic Exam Table, Gynecological Exam Table

A-S106 Manual Pelvic Exam Table With Drawers Gynecological Exam Table

You can choose this chair if you have a small exam room, if you perform a variety of tests including gynecology, or if you want to optimize time with patients and ease them on and off your exam table. It has sitting and recumbent positions, lots of storage, integrated stirrups and many accessories so you can do a full inspection on the 1m3 table.

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Manual Pelvic Exam Table With Drawers Description:

Gynecological exam table is an economical choice for facilities looking to design simple and convenient examination tables. The pelvic exam table has pull-out pedals,drawers and retractable stirrups, making it ideal for a variety of office-based medical exams.

With adjustable foot pedals and convenient paper roll racks, the table can be easily prepared between patients during any busy exercise. The unique design of Adjustable Exam Table provides features specifically designed to increase physician productivity and patient comfort during OB/GYN procedures and procedures.

The table is the perfect complement to any medical facility room plan, from the top of the 100% seamless contour with a one-piece molded groove in the seat section to the base that can safely accommodate 300 pounds of patients.

Pelvic Exam Table, Gynecological Exam Table


Gynecological Chair Table With Drawers Features:

1. The examination bed is a multi-functional bed, suitable for gynecological examination and other examinations.

2. This pelvic exam table mainly includes main body, drawer, assist table, foot rest, lifting sleeve, mattress of seat and back section.

3. The bed cushion is made from mould PU, with a smooth surface, and easily to clean. The seamless interior removes areas where dirt and bacteria may accumulate, making cleaning easier, faster and more efficient.

4. A footstool can serve as a step for the sick and be hidden.

5. Examination table has large drawers.
-One-piece seamless drawers feature easy-to-clean rounded edges designed to hold spilled fluids away from other areas of the table, improving infection control.
-Three flexible side drawers pull out and place anywhere in the room as you wish. Provides ample storage for robes, curtains and other items, while also helping to organize your small and large items.
-In addition, there are two front drawers for easy retrieval and storage during the pelvic exam.

6. Convenient paper roll holder is located under the rear.

7. The air spring adjustable backrest allows the clinician to easily adjust the table without causing back strain.

8. Two position adjustable stirrups can be quickly pulled out or retracted.

9. Rated load capacity of 300 pounds in normal service.

Pelvic Exam Table, Gynecological Exam Table




Model A-S106
Table dimension(exclude the cushion): width 52cm
height 52cm
Table length(exclude the leg section): 117.8cm
Max.Back section adjust: 70°
Max.Seat section adjust:
Step stool dimension: length 42cm
height 23cm
Max.Patient weight: 226kg
Standard Accessories Heel Support 1 pair
Exam Pan 1 pc
Paper roll rod 1 pc
Side drawer 3 pcs
Front drawer 2 pcs
Step Stool 1 pc
Cushion 1 set


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