AV-2010 Hospital Medical Emergency Ventilator Portable Transfer Ventilator

When it comes to critical care transportation, one of the key pieces of equipment to have on-hand is a portable ventilator. In addition to oxygenation, perfusion, and circulation, ventilation is one of the vital functions that must be sustained while transporting a patient to a critical care facility.

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AV-2010 Emergency Ventilator Portable Transfer Ventilator Features:
Pneumatic driven , Electronic control.
Advanced monitoring and alarm systems for patient-related parameters.
Intelligence operating system.
Easy to carry.
Anti-shock,anti-interference and waterproof.
Can be used in emergency department, department of gynaecology and obstetrics, ICU, transport, outdoor aid, per-hospital aid and beside the bed.

Emergancy Ventilator, Portable Transfer Ventilator, Medical Transfer Ventilator, Ventilator For Ambulance


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