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QPQ-500/550 CSSD Surgical Instrument Automatic Washer Disinfector Machine

The washer disinfector series streamlines and automates the decontamination process of surgical instruments. With unsurpassed efficiency and flexibility, the washers reduce utility consumption and maximize usable floor space.The increased reprocessing needs of your Sterile Processing Department (SPD) or Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) call for washer disinfectors that are designed to meet your throughput needs.

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CSSD Surgical Instrument Automatic Washer Disinfector Machine Features:

Automatic washer Disinfector is an intelligent disinfector that can be used to sterilize surgical instruments, utensils, medical trays and plates, anaesthetic instruments and corrugated hoses in hospital CSSD or operating theatres. Our systems and automation are designed to meet all customer expectations, such as increased employee productivity and savings in time, water and energy consumption, thereby helping to lay the foundation for a lasting satisfying experience.


1. Double door design saves space for CSSD layout


2. Various interfaces are convenient and practical

USB, RJ45 and other wired interfaces and wireless WIFI, GPRS;


3. Multiple supporting cleaning cars

provide waist disc cleaning car, rigid endoscope cleaning car, humidification bottle cleaning rack, breathing tube/anesthesia tube car, common surgical instruments cleaning car, oral cleaning car.


4. The washing effect

When cleaning common surgical instruments, dental drills, anesthesia and breathing tubes, humidification bottles and baby bottles, the absorbance value of residual protein contaminants is less than 0.020, and the qualified rate is 100%.


5. Disinfection procedures

The machine is approved according to sterilization technical standards and procedures, including low temperature disinfection, high temperature disinfection and chemical disinfection.



1. Manufacturers of Android operating systems for cleaning disinfectors have achieved a higher level of technology in infection control devices.

2. The fingerprint access control is applied to the manufacturer of washing machine disinfector, so that the operator can access the interface more easily and quickly, enhancing the traceability.

2. Equipped with cloud service washing machine sterilizer, real-time monitoring can be carried out anytime and anywhere.

4. With SMS (short message Service) function, it can notify the operator of operation status, end of cycle, equipment failure, maintenance and other information.

5. With real-time voice intercom function between clean area and clean area, convenient communication between CSSD personnel.


Model QPQ500 QPQ550
Power supply AC380V 50Hz AC380V 50Hz
Temperature of heat sterilization 0-98℃ 0-98℃
Capacity 500L 550L
Water consumption/cycle 30L 30L
Preset programmes 6 6
Overall dimensions 1870*1340*1026(mm) 1870*1340*1026(mm)
Power 35Kw 35Kw

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