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YG Series Pre Vacuum Autoclave Steam Sterilizers For Hospitals

Pulsating vacuum sterilizer is strictly designed and manufactured in accord with GMP technical Standard. It has passed ISO9001 quality management qualification standard and ISO13485:2003 Certificate of Quality Management System for Medical Devices.
The relevant data and curve can be saved and printed automatically.
This autoclave is suitable for pharmaceutical factory, hospital, scientific research institute and other units to sterilize and dry asepsis clothes, rubber goods, metal instruments, culture medium, etc.

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YG Series Pre Vacuum Autoclave Steam Sterilizers For Hospitals Description:

vacuum autoclave steam sterilizer makes use of the vacuum system of the equipment to force out the air in the sterilization room and then enter the saturated pure steam at a certain time and temperature (pressure). When saturated pure steam is in contact with the sterilized substance, the protein of bacteria and microorganisms is denaturated and killed using the principle of heat dissipation, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection. When the sterilization process is over, the steam in the sterilization chamber is discharged, and the vacuum system is started to vacuum the inner chamber, and the steam in the inner chamber and the water in the sterilized products are extracted, so as to achieve the effect of sterilization.
The main components of the pre vacuum autoclave include: main board, sealed door, pipeline system, electrical box, control operation panel of feeding end and discharging end respectively and sterilizer (optional). The main design pressure of hospital sterilizers is 0.245mpa, in line with the relevant national pressure vessel standards. The sealing door adopts electric lifting and compressed air sealing technology; The steam sterilizers for hospitals adopts mechanical forced vacuum and gravity displacement empting technology, using saturated steam to sterilize various items under pressure. Steam can be divided into two ways, one into the jacket, the other into the inner cavity, with forced wind to discharge the cold air in the inner cavity (except for the liquid procedure), the sterilization of the item is heated to complete the sterilization process.

YG Series Pre Vacuum Autoclave Steam Sterilizers For Hospitals Features:

1. With double jacket construction, complete recessed jacket should be provided around the chamber to avoid steam condensation and promotion, and appropriate temperature distribution. It can be heated evenly to prevent the material from uneven heating.
2. Chamber: the chamber is made of SUS316L, according to mechanical and chemical treatment, the surface of the chamber is bright, the Angle of the chamber is arc transition, no cleaning dead Angle, corrosion resistance. Two stainless steel guide rails shall be provided in the chamber as the rails for the loading car.
3. The insulation layer is made of aluminosilicate, the best insulation material, and the equipment is rectangular with stainless steel decorative cover.
4. The door:
– Autoclave design is straight-through (double door) autoclave. Front and rear doors won’t open at the same time.
– The door seal is inflatable, pressurized with compressed air and can withstand chamber temperature and pressure.
– The door shall have a safety mechanism to prevent the door from opening when the chamber is hot or pressurized or when pressurized in an autoclave.
– Sterilization cycle can only be started after the door is completely closed and locked.
5. Pipeline system consists of filter, vacuum pump, pneumatic valve and so on.
– Air filters are Pall brand. Excellent performance, no medium fracture or pollution unloading.
– Vacuum pump: Autoclave includes liquid ring vacuum pump to obtain vacuum in the chamber, ensuring proper air removal for excellent sterilization.
– Angle pneumatic valve: strong on/off valve, without any error, remote compressed gas control. Stainless steel clamp seat for inner cabin.
6. Control system:
-PLC + HMI control +Micro- data printing, should be able to default one or more sterilization cycles. Electrical equipment system adopts domestic or imported parts, its performance is stable and reliable.
– Advanced control function, large storage capacity, trouble-free operation time up to 50,000 hours.
– Primary controller system: You can set the user name and password, and set different users to access the system. It has three interface functions: manager, user and maintainer. The administrator can set the password according to different levels of use, to ensure the use of security, to prevent improper operations or modify the program to bring about experiments.
– When the automatic controller is in failure, the safety device keeps the sterilization chamber pressure safe under the atmosphere pressure to the back of the state and allows the loading door to be opened.
– Manual operations can be done using access control tools for maintenance, testing and emergency needs.
7. Touch screen:
– Display working process parameters, simple control, easy to operate.
8. The interface has the following functions:
– Display screen shows sterilization cycle status, time, pressure, temperature, double door density, operation record, printing and other processes.
Printer: real-time output can be realized by micro needle printer, which can easily output “pressure, temperature, time, F0 value” and other parameters and curves.
– The autoclave has an emergency stop mechanism designed to immediately stop all physical movement of the device.
– Fixed GMP validation connector can provide GMP validation for customers free of charge.

YG Pulsating Vacuum Sterilizer Size & Utilities:
Design Pressure 0.245Mpa Vacuum -0.095Mpa
Working Pressure 0.22Mpa City Water supply pressure 0.2-0.3Mpa
Design Temperature 139℃ Compressed Air supply pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Working Temperature 134℃ Steam pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Heat equilibrium ≤±1℃

vacuum autoclave,pre vacuum autoclave,hospital sterilizers,autoclave steam sterilizer,steam sterilizers for hospitals

Specifications Overall Dimensions Chamber Size Steam Consumption Power Water Consmption Net Weight
Model L*M*H(mm) L*W*H(mm) (kg/cycle) (KW) (kg/cycle) (kg)
Single/Double Door
YG-0.1 825*1080*1600 630*400*480 15 1 80 380
YG-0.25 895*1220*1720 760*600*600 20 1.5 150 650
YG-0.36 1195*1220*1720 1000*600*600 25 1.5 150 760
YG-0.6 1245*1300*1880 1050*680*850 30 2 200 1100
YG-0.8 1595*1300*1880 1400*680*850 35 3 250 1300
YG-1.2 1695*1370*1960 1500*750*1100 40 3 300 1900
YG-2.5 3195*1370*1960 3000*750*1100 75 4.5 450 2800
YG-5.0 3635*1800*2200 3400*1000*1500 150 7.5 600 4500


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