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QPQ-180 Dental Dishwasher Handpiece Cleaning Machine

Welcome to experience our innovatively designed dental handpiece cleaner, a convenient device tailor-made for your handpiece and oral hygiene. This cleaner not only efficiently cleans bacteria and dirt from the surface of your handpiece, but also provides comprehensive care for your oral hygiene.

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Dental Dishwasher Handpiece Cleaning Machine Features:

◆Intelligent design, one-button operation.

◆Programmed control. Colour LCD touch screen, PLC programmed control, 24 groups programmable, preset 6 groups of programs can be selected at will.

◆Full-automatic adding consumables: automatically and accurately add cleaning enzyme, rust remover and silicone oil.

◆Automatic injection of oil and rust prevention to the inside of the mobile phone.

◆Automatic spraying design, spraying nozzles are equipped around the inner cavity, spraying arm and cleaning frame area to clean and disinfect in all directions without dead angle.

◆The temperature and time of cleaning and disinfection can be adjusted arbitrarily.

◆Safety protection function, fault alarm system, safer work.

◆Full-automatic water inlet and drain function.

◆Printing and tracing function.



Widely used for cleaning, disinfecting, oiling and drying all kinds of handpieces and instruments in dental hospitals, comprehensive dental hospitals, dental clinics, operating theatres and supply rooms.

Model Volume(L) Internal chamber pressure(Mpa) Spraying power(W) Number of dental handpieces handled (units)
QPQ-180 180 0.3-0.5 900 80

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