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BHC003 Infusion Chair Clinical Care Recliner Chairs

Designed to provide patients with the best possible care and comfort when receiving intravenous fluid therapy. The infusion chair adjusts the recliner back and comes with a sturdy bottom structure for better patient safety.

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Infusion Chair Clinical Care Recliner Chairs Features:

1. It usually consists of an upholstered seat, backrest and armrest

2. Simple adjustment mechanism, can control the back and leg support at the same time.

3. A shelf is set up next to the chair to place some personal belongings

4. Unique pedal design, safer and more comfortable to use.

5. Comfortable solid wood handrails enhance comfort.

Model Size(open): Carton Size: N.W: 3 position adjustment
BHC003 77×68×108cm 92×62×35cm 21.5kg 95°,105°,140°

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