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GA2004D Medical Forensic Pathology Sampling Station

According to the ministry of Public Security level of demonstration of criminal science and technology anatomic room construction requirements specially designed, using stainless steel SUS high quality plate molding, seijin production, acid and alkali resistant, the overall shape luxury atmosphere.

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GA2004D Forensic pathology sampling station Functions:
1.Beautiful appearance, high quality stainless steel structure, corrosion resistance, high temperature and other advantages, durable
2.Operating table is equipped with PVC movable board, marked with scale, easy to measure (optional)
3.The use of table smell under the suction system design, can be efficient for harmful gas emissions
4.Equipped with metal hose stretching faucet, easy to clean the entire operating table
5.Low noise centrifugal fan will effectively exhaust harmful gas outdoor. Exhaust air flow 800-1000?/h (optional)
6.Hot and cold water can adapt to the climate of different regions to ensure a more comfortable and clean working area (connected to external water heater)
7.Body sink with filter screen hair isolator to prevent blockage of the sewer pipe
8.Equipped with organization observation spotlights, provide effective lighting convenient materials
9.Equipped with 10 times green glass white magnifier, easy to draw materials
10.Magnetic adsorption tool holder can adsorb metal sampling equipment and anatomical equipment on it for easy access
11.LED fluorescent lighting and ULTRAVIOLET disinfection lamps provide effective lighting and sterilization
12.Configuration pulverizer. Crush bone and waste, free maintenance, low noise (optional)
Type A: 1200* 600* 1800mm(single)
Type B: 1800* 600* 1800mm(double)

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