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GA2004B Funeral Stainless Steel Refrigerated Medical Dissection Table

According to the ministry of Public Security level of demonstration of criminal science and technology anatomic room construction requirements specially designed, using stainless steel SUS high quality plate molding, seijin production, acid and alkali resistant, the overall shape luxury atmosphere.

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GA2004B Stainless Steel Refrigerated Medical Dissection Table Features:
1.The cover plate of the anatomical table can hang vertically on one side of the box body without taking up space
2.Operating table electric lift, lift stroke 50-420mm
3.According to operator requirements, no stage up and down to the appropriate position
4.Temperature in refrigerator: +4~ -10°; Relative humidity:90%
5.Power supply: ALTERNATING current, single item 220W.50HZ; Ambient temperature: 10-38C; Input power: 654W
6.Refrigeration system: the whole sealing group refrigeration system matching reasonable, fast cooling speed. Adopt single machine single control, single cycle refrigeration system
7.Insulation material: the box adopts stainless steel, polyurethane – body foam, excellent insulation effect
8.The evaporator for the built-in high quality red copper tube, integrated no joints, than the traditional wall hanging beautiful, refrigeration effect is more significant
9.Equipped with leakage protection device. Waterproof socket, voltage 220V.50HZ, current 1.5A

2400* 820* 860mm electric lift
Internal specifications:

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