BIV05 Medical Iv Drip Stand 4 Hook Infusion Stand 5 Wheel Trolley

The vast majority of patients hospitalized in the hospital need to be on infusion therapy for a long time, when the need for an infusion stand. Mobile infusion stand, convenient for free movement, patients in a long time after infusion treatment will have a sense of irritability, need to go outside activities, which can speed up the recovery of the body.

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BIV05 Medical Iv Drip Stand Description:
1. Steel base, stable and not tilted.
2. ABS dust cover
3. ABS top wire button, can rise and fix the infusion stand, the height can be adjusted freely.
4. Telescopic rod built-in buffer device, safe and reliable.
5. 4 separate stainless steel hooks, multi-hook design, available for many people.
6. Stainless steel 201 pipe, corrosion resistance.
7. Height from 120 to 200 cm (or other requirements)
8. Stainless steel structure based on 5 advanced mute pulleys (brake 2, no brake 3)
9.ABS multi-function box
Optional: Storage basket

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Model BIV05
Base Diameter 50cm
Wheel Diameter 7.5cm
White Box 17.5cm*11.5cm*5.5cm
Inner Pipe φ19
Outer Tube φ32
Lifting Height 1.2 m to 2 m
Maximum Load 5kg
Packaging 5 / box
Optional Storage basket



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